Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America, Co.

It is TICA’s responsibility to ensure that we protect and maintain our environment. As a conscious corporate steward, we make every effort to ensure 100% compliance with all regulations applicable to our operations. Our natural environment serves as a wonderful setting for us to introduce the best product to be utilized for the convenience of all. At TICA, we focus on implementing and maintaining activities which will minimize our environmental footprint. These activities include recycling of daily use items such as cardboard, paper, plastic and sand. ​

Safety and Health

Safety is the number one priority at Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America, Co (TICA). As a foundational piece of our everyday business and operations, it is important that every person within the organization places a keen focus on safety. Through our execution of the "Toyota Way" principles and concepts, the ability to perform every task in the safest manner possible will warrant our success as a company. The focus on fundamental safety programs such as chemical management, personal protective equipment, risk and hazard assessment and powered industrial vehicle operation, along with others, provides the need to establish a culture where everyone feels valued and safe from harm. 


Safety Health & Environmental