Location:Pendergrass Georgia, USA
2)President:Ken Suito
3)Description of business:Manufacturer of parts for variable displacement type car air- conditioning compressors
4)Capital:US$150 million 
5)Date of establishment:February 2012

Approx. 400
Plant Sqft:

TICA Profile

Hello, my name is Ken Suito and I am the President of Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America, Co (TICA).

With growing environmental consciousness in the North American automotive market in recent years, the demand for variable-displacement type compressors with excellent fuel efficiency has been increasing. Therefore, TICA was created to expand Toyota


Industries Corporation's (TICO's) production capacity of this compressor type in North America.

 TICA manufactures parts for the North American car air-conditioning compressor. TICA is located next to TD Automotive Compressor Georgia, LCC (TACG) in Pendergrass,  allowing the company to leverage synergies between the two operations. The TICA plant manufactures the main parts of automotive compressors currently being imported from Japan and assembled at the TACG facility. The TICA plant allows parts that were once manufactured in Japan to be manufactured in Georgia and conveyed directly to TACG and also shipped to Michigan Automotive Compressor, Inc (MACI).  TICA was established in 2012 and the plant officially began mass production in September of 2013.

 Toyota Industries Compressor Parts of America, Co. is welcomed as Jackson County’s latest corporate citizen.

Our Company

Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America, Co.