to Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America, Co (TICA). We genuinely care about your experience, and it shows. We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of size or difficulty.

TICA is set on providing the customer with the highest quality product using just-in-time delivery at the lowest possible price while operating in the safest manner possible.

Our associates are our most important asset. They are encouraged to work together to achieve company goals and fully comply with all regulatory, corporate, and customer requirements.

Awarded 2017 Georgia Automotive Supplier of the Year

TD Automotive Compressor Georgia (TACG) and Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America, Co. (TICA), Pendergrass were awarded the 2017 Georgia Automotive Supplier of the Year. 

With growing environmental consciousness in the North American automotive market in recent years, the demand for variable-displacement type compressors with excellent fuel efficiency has been increasing. Therefore, TICA was created to expand Toyota Industries Corporation's (TICO's) production capacity of this compressor type in North America.

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